Issue #7, 23 March 2011

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Welcome to Aureaís inaugural newsletter. For over 20 years, we have been offering our clientele exquisite, fine jewellery.

During this time, we have been asked many times about the doís and doníts of jewellery care and maintenance. For this reason, our first newsletter will cover this topic.

With a little attention and care, it is very simple for that piece of jewellery becoming a family heirloom that starts with you.

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 Caring for Jewellery & Jewellery Maintenance

When purchasing that special piece, we all want it to last forever and to do so requires some maintenance. An example of this is to have a jeweller check your jewellery for wear and tear (e.g – links, bails, setting) about once a year or as advised by the Jeweller.

If diamonds are loose, make sure you get settings repaired and tightened immediately by a qualified and experienced professional. We strongly recommended that the settings are checked once a year. We also suggest that pearls are also checked once a year to see if there is a need for restringing to avoid breakages and loss from wear and tear.

It needs to be noted that all white gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating provides a surface that will resist scratches and tarnishing of your white gold items. This plating is thin and wears off in time.  Once your jewellery appears tarnished and plating is reduced, a reputable jeweller is able to polish and re – rhodium plate the jewellery to restore it to its original luster.

 Day to Day

At its most simplest, you're doing your jewellery a favour when you take them off before you have a bath, shower or  go for a swim. Precious stones in particular, are quite sensitive to exposure to moisture. Remember that moisture on any of your jewels serves as a trap for dust and dirt to collect.

With pearls, avoid them coming into contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and cosmetics.  Best to put pearls on after you are completely finished getting ready.

Avoid wearing rings of different metal and carat next to each other as the harder metal can wear away the softer one.


When cleaning jewellery, remember to use a liquid detergent (e.g. dishwashing liquid), some warm soapy water and an old toothbrush or fine soft brush.  Another important note when cleaning your jewellery is to not use household cleaners as these contain chemicals that may damage gold and these same harsh chemicals may also damage gemstones.

As pearls are very sensitive, we suggest that you never clean pearls with any chemicals as it damages the surface

Goldís worst enemy is harsh chemicals. Repeated exposure can weaken goldís structure, eventually leading to breakage.


Storing of jewellery when it is not being worn plays a very important role in the caring of your jewellery. When storing, avoid keeping items together to prevent tangling and scratching of items.

Another tip is to keep jewellery in tissue paper, particularly pearls as they can be easily damaged by other jewellery.

 Side Note


Have your valuable and precious jewellery insured at all times, making sure you are covered for loss and damage both in and out of home. We never know when that diamond comes out of its setting or pearl necklace snaps. By having your jewellery insured at its correct value, all your needs will be covered.

More on valuations and insurance in future newsletters

At Aurea Designs, we have the experience and history to be able to assist you with all your jewellery needs including any of the topics discussed.

We hope that you have enjoyed our first newsletter.


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